Just Say No!

Everyday we are faced with choices and the online world is no different.  Just because you feel safe behind your closed doors and under your own roof does not mean you are untouchable.  Think before you share a picture that could ruin your or someone else's reputation, chances for success, or relationships with friends and family.

If you are enticed to send a picture that you feel is inappropriate or could get you or someone else in trouble...just say no.  Or better yet blame it on your parents, "My mom and dad always go through my phone!  No way!"

If a person online asks you to do something you don't want to do, tell someone.  Tell your family, or your friends or a teacher, counselor, or the police.  Online predators will do whatever it takes to convince you that what they want is what you want.  Take a step back and think.  Don't fall into the traps others have fell into.  Learn from others mistakes and make the right choice.  Just say no!

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